guest@ewnix:~$ cat services

Ewnix provides Atheme IRC services for its users. These services provide nickname and channel registration, and more. Below, you'll find basic description of each service:


NickServ allows users to register their nicknames. For help with NickServ, on IRC type /NS HELP.


ChanServ allows users to register channels, manipulate access lists and fine-tune channel control. For help with ChanServ, on IRC type /CS HELP.


GameServ provides a small number of games and tools. For help with GameServ, on IRC type /GS HELP.


MemoServ allows you to send memos to offline users. Once users log on and are identified, they will be notified of the memo you have left for them. For help with MemoServ, on IRC type /MS HELP.


HostServ allows users to request vanity hostnames. Although Ewnix provides usermode +x (which hides your IP/hostname from other users), HostServ allow users to have hostnames that will not resolve to anything. For help with HostServ, on IRC type /HS HELP.


SaslServ allows users to identify before their connection is registered. For more info,

There are other services not listed here. For a list of all services running on Ewnix, on IRC type /HelpServ SERVICES.